Design is our second nature here at BUILDSPACES and we are not shy to admit it. We are all very passionate about creation and through means of architecture, interior and renovation design, we sincerely invite our clients to take an active part in forming their ideas to take shape. We believe this to be the best way to give design meaning and to give our clients that added personal value through our service

FREE 3D photorealistic design will be provided for each of your projects with us


With thousands of material selection and fully customized designs, you can have a fit and perfect solution for your needs.

Just tell us your needs and we’ll make a right product just for you!


At BUILDSPACES, we are very particular with craftsmanship. All the materials are meticulously selected to ensure that we provide top-notch quality with competitive pricing

Chipboards which are around 90% widely used in Malaysia as main board is forbidden here in BUILDSPACES as we select only the best materials. With advanced machinery and well-trained crew, we provide high-end finished products on time.


We believe that the thing that makes any case truly valuable are its contents, and when you look inside BUILDSPACES you will find that knowledge, experience and versatility are the core of our values


From site visit to end product process, we guarantee a fast and responsive completion time. As a reference, the average time to complete a kitchen cabinet project is around 7-12 days working days.


It’s in our S.O.P at BUILDSPACES that we guarantee the hygiene and safety of your premise by cleaning the job site every day, thus avoiding the buildup of any hazardous situation coming your way.

Expect a dust free environment when you do your project with us!


Here at BUILDSPACES we strongly stand for providing customer care defined by a swift, reliable and comprehensive customer experience. Your needs and wants are our focus and we pay attention to details to deliver flexible, functional and practical solutions for you


Years of experience have taught us that the key to every successful case can be found in careful planning and preparedness for every eventuality

BUILDSPACES are passionate about what we do, and with adding devotion to our passion, we deliver cases of outstanding quality and excellence to all our clients and their projects