10 interior design ideas minimalist


A minimalist decorating style is an exercise in self -restraint, in which space, lighting, and objects play an equally important role. This style demands that you lower your furniture with empty necessities until you are left with a bunch of curated objects that give maximum impact. Far from boring, this style is bold, functional and very effective.


“Minimalism binds space, while making it breathe. It’s a hindrance; even if it’s not, poorly planned. Untidy space is a necessity of time. Minimalism seems justified.”

Heny Savla

Use a controlled colour palette

Bright colours like white along with less obvious neutrals, almost non-existent greys, and pastels are the essence of a minimalist home. While you can add brighter colours, we suggest you stick to one or two and limit the dose. The picture above uses beige and white to create a bright room. Even the marble dining table here adds a minimalist style.

10 interior design ideas minimalist

Reject and edit

Having a minimalist home means you have to say goodbye to clutter. And to do that, you must edit what you display on shelves and tables. Follow only necessities and keep the rest in the cabinet. This kitchen shows how only a select few elements make it to the counter. Also, the choice of a white kitchen with a grape red colour gives the impression of more space while staying stylish.

Clean lines and flat surfaces

Furniture and objects in minimalist homes largely have clean and clear lines and curves as well as flat surfaces. The kitchen has clear cabinets, drawers and windows and lots of flat surfaces. The clean lines provided by the lack of grip on the cabinet are also soothing to the eyes!

10 interior design ideas minimalist

Leave in the light

Make an empty window is your friend. You can make your windows undecorated and let the light on, this will add a minimalist style. If privacy is an issue, use the thinnest curtain material or use curtains. In this living room, thin curtains bring a lot of sunlight, illuminating everything in the way. Appearing pink only adds to the aesthetic value of this living room! Less is more!

10 interior design ideas minimalist

Patterns of finding a place

Minimalist homes typically use several patterns or choose to eliminate them together. If you decide to use a pattern, use it in a small scale, tone-to-tone or  non-intrusive pattern. When printing, use the way you use accents. Choose prints for your throw curtains or pillows. You can have both of them, like this living room, but make sure you have plenty of free space. Also, remember, you can’t go wrong with patterned rugs that centre the room. It provides much -needed respite from the monotony.

Floor - Tone Down

Just like your walls, the floor in your home can also help brighten and open up your space. Floors such as lightweight hardwood, polished concrete, and white tiles will give your space a modern minimalist feel. If you enjoy the look of wood flooring but don’t want to break the cliff, install brightly coloured vinyl boards for an affordable alternative.

10 interior design ideas minimalist
Photo via @moncerflooring

The strength of a simple object

Decorating a minimalist home can make you rethink familiar objects. In this living room, the first thing that catches your eye is a coloured throw pillow or a painting hanging on the wall. When set with a white background or neutral tones, even simple objects can stand out. With minimalist decor, maintenance becomes easier.

10 interior design ideas minimalist

Play with textures

You can create interesting things by trying on different textures. In this bedroom, upholstered headboards and mint textured wallpaper complement each other and provide a refreshing space. Wooden floorboards only add to the story of the texture of this room. Although different textures are combined, the decor of this room is by no means unusual.

Use accent decorations

Designing a minimalist home doesn’t mean you have to avoid bright decorations and colours. The rule is to only use decorative elements as accents and not flood your residence with a lot of things. Likewise for art, choose one area of ​​focus rather than a small group. 

10 interior design ideas minimalist

Space and focal point

Space is considered an important element in minimalist decor because space interacts with objects and determines the look. Visual balance is just as important and can be achieved simply by having a focal point. Notice how the living room has a lot of space and no unwanted distractions. At the same time, some important family decorations get a place on the walls.

Article credit; livspace.com and extraspace.com

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