Building materials are important in the construction sector and they account for 30 to 50 per cent of the total construction cost (Stukhart, 1995). However, rising building material prices have been a hot issue in recent years. Therefore, the increase in the price of building materials will affect the profits of contractors. Building materials such as cement, mortar, bricks, iron, sand and wood experienced significant price increases.

The construction sector is a very important sector in the country. If our country’s economy grows, then the construction sector will grow further and result in other sectors such as the food sector, services sector and others grow as well. This is because the construction sector is a major sector in developing our country’s economy. Recently, the issue of rising prices of building materials in the construction sector in the country is a hot issue and causes and causes a significant impact on contractors, developers and consumers.

The cost of building materials is about 30 to 50 percent of the total cost of construction (Stukhart, 1995). Therefore, the price of building materials plays an important role in the construction sector and the instability of the price of building materials will also cause contractors to experience difficulties in managing a project.

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Concrete is a composite material consisting of mortar, cement, sand and water. However, when cement reacts with water, it will produce a bond that can bind the mortar. Furthermore, the advantage of composite material is that it has a strong compressive force but the disadvantage is that it has a low tensile force. Therefore, iron has been added into the concrete to increase the tensile strength of the concrete.

Iron and Steel

Iron and steel are used to repair concrete deficiencies. Nowadays, many buildings also use iron and steel as main supports. This is because iron and steel have high strength, durability, good ductility and high toughness. (Brannigan and Corbett, 2010) 14 Iron and steel are commonly used as reinforcement for columns and beams for buildings. The purpose of the use of iron and steel in the reinforcement of columns and beams is to increase strength and shear force.


Sand plays an important role in the construction sector where sand is used to make concrete, mortar to bind bricks, to plaster walls and others. However, sand is also divided by its fineness. Different sand finishes have their own functions and are used in 15 different activities


Bricks are still the main building material for building walls and walls for a building. The bricks are made of clay that has undergone a process of firing and drying and subsequently cut according to the prescribed size. Most construction sites in our country use bricks as the main building material apart from this increasingly popular precast concrete.

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Updated on: 18 Jan 2021


The following are the prices for the supply and delivery of various building materials to work locations in the Klang Valley, Malaysia and surrounding areas. The price is based on the price quoted by the subcontractor / supplier but does not include the price increase for profit & attendance by the main Contractor.

Note: The following are the raw material prices of basic construction materials, excluding construction equipment materials, wage rates and contractor prices.

Renovation Cost Malaysia
Renovation Cost Malaysia
Renovation Cost Malaysia
Renovation Cost Malaysia
Renovation Cost Malaysia
Renovation Cost Malaysia

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