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Every individual definitely needs a positive and calm environment. Not only is the home environment emphasized, but your office environment should also have a positive and calm environment in order to help an employee to feel fresh and enthusiastic in carrying out their daily work routine. Therefore, several factors need to be emphasized in getting a more comfortable and quiet office environment.

1) Open Floor Plan

Fewer walls are a beautiful sight to behold in modern office design. Creating more views across multiple spaces encourages to create collaboration, allows for more easily achievable changes in floor plans when necessary, and the design is cheaper because fewer dividing walls need to be built. Overall, it is a step to improve employee health. An open floor plan also makes it easier to get around, thus encouraging people to move more often. 

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2) Psychology of Colour

The use of psychology and colour design together is currently a very popular trend in contemporary office design nowadays. Colour is proven to have a certain effect on people, without them realizing or understanding it.

For example, oranges make people feel more energetic because they remind of things like the summer sun and fresh and ripe oranges. Green, yellow, and blue is also often seen in modern office design!

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3) Home Touch

Work surrounding or environment are slower sterile and uninviting if they are intended to keep employees fully engaged. The touch of home helps everyone to relax and work quietly with a feeling of less stress. Comfortable chairs gathered around the table make the germination of new ideas with colleagues more fun and exciting.

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4) Multipurpose Area

Modern offices can be functioning well with help of collaboration and versatility. An office design that works for a variety of purposes helps to complete tasks well. It can keep up with the current environment and demands quickly.

An area can serve as a space for two colleagues to work together comfortably, as a place to relax mentally, and as a place to hold small, informal department meetings just by placing a few chairs or sofas around a table, with some secrecy like a rug to define a space or a divider such as a green wall between it and the next space.

Also, in the interior design of a small office, every square inch is counted. The area that can serve as a meeting space, a kickback spot, and even a place to relax during lunch allows the smaller office to feel luxurious as it has more space.

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5) Modern Integration in Furniture

Furniture that meets everyday needs makes work easier. Connecting with energy and the internet makes us all sane, also productive, but not always beautiful. Successful and seamless desks and work areas integrate technology while hiding how unlikely it is to have a shape that serves a large purpose. Cables can be bad and sometimes dangerous. If you can’t find an outlet near your workspace, you use stretch cords as far as they need to be. Furniture companies that specialize in modern office design add slits into desks and channel cords safely and discreetly so employees can continue to find a way out for their job tasks, not for their computer batteries.

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6) Elements of Nature

Biophilic design is an arrangement that focuses on applying natural elements into the built environment, and with good reason. Designers cannot mimic natural sunlight on the inside. Still, they can decorate with plants, which bring natural elements to them. Plants have been shown to increase productivity and make the workplace more attractive, thus attracting more employees to the company. Plants also help clean and purify indoor air as well as reduce stress.

In addition to living plants, elements such as wood panelling on walls and ceilings, stone accents, water features, and fireplaces all add a touch of enchanting and serene nature.

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7) Relaxation / Lounge Area

Relaxing or lounge area may sound counterproductive to get work done, but comfort plays a major role in creativity. A place to step foot and brainstorm ideas for a project is what the mind and body need! The lounge can also encourage people to get up in the morning and enjoy a cup of coffee while relaxing in the office before they start the work day, or relax during a lunch break because they can feel comfortable at work.

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8) Finding a Way Deliberately

Offices from the 1970s-1990s pack as much as possible into the office. People seem to think again. This method makes it difficult for you to know exactly where you are in a building. Staff will often turn around in long empty corridors. Long hallways have holes in the doors here and there is no interesting or easy place to find the room you need. Opening up a floor plan makes road trips in the office that much easier. The design elements that unify the wayfinding tools make it easier and less stressful to get around the office. 

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9) Window Display for Everyone

Having access to an office with a window used to be a luxury that only a few people got. Others have to give up on artificial lights that are dim and confined all day. Removing the hierarchical correlation of work titles and workspace quality has created a less mentally draining and more beautiful work environment in modern office design. The new model has flipped over the old model and placed the top exclusive office in the middle of the floor plan. Translucent or translucent walls that cover the centre space allow light to enter their workspace. Nowadays, daily workers are exposed to light and views outside the home. That is very necessary for a healthy and working employee.

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10) Encourage Activity

So far, we’ve seen how colours and natural elements make people healthier at work. The office takes it to the next level by making training easily accessible to its employees. Employees no longer need to purchase gym memberships and drive to and from the gym. They don’t even have to worry about when they will have time to exercise. Instead, they can use the gym in place before, after, or while working out.

Another interior design for modern office that is also ergonomically satisfying is the standing desk. Employees can choose to stand to work, or adjust the desk so that they can sit. This helps them move and stay active during the day, instead of staying seated, which proves to be less healthy without some form of regular exercise.

10 office interior design

The main design inspirations for any office today are the people who will work there. Meeting their needs, engaging their interests, and making it a great user experience for employees is what will define a contemporary office design. Fortunately, interior designers can take the elements that make an office work well and arrange it aesthetically. If you need help arranging your office design, schedule a Free Office Interior Design Consultation today!

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