10 Small Office Home Office in Malaysia

Small Office Home Office Ideas for You!

When gathering ideas for your small office home office (soho), start with inspiration before you buy items and decorations. Make sure it is something you will feel comfortable with before you take the next step.


Changing the arrangement of furniture in this small space will create the space needed for a home office. To complete the task, you may need to prepare a basic plan of space to be redesigned to add workspace in that area.

10 Small Office Home Office in Malaysia


You do not need the whole space to make your small office space unless there is a large space/room not used that can be used as a small office at home. A small, comfortable office even in a corner would be fine.

Many small corner desks can easily fit even a full-sized computer. You can create more space for yourself by adding floating shelves for storage and reducing table clutter.

10 Small Office Home Office in Malaysia

10 Small Office Home Office in Malaysia


Do you have large walls and windows that you can’t use for other things?

Just put a table in front of it and tadaaa it is already named office. Having a workspace with natural lighting has many benefits. First of all, natural light gives a variety of benefits to the self.

Make sure your computer screen is not facing the window, this will make it harder for you to see what you are projecting on your computer screen at that time.

10 Small Office Home Office in Malaysia


You can make a corner for your home office by using curtains/drapes /divider. This is because this curtain will be a “wall” that covers the width of the space and makes the work area from the living room/room separate when the curtain is lowered.

If you have a small home office in an area you want to hide, simply add curtains and make as a room divider. While the curtains won’t block out sound, they work well to hide some of your clutter/office stuff.

Just hang a curtain rod and install some pretty curtains to create your own little space.

10 Small Office Home Office in Malaysia


Storage spaces placed on the wall will help to make a corner an office space along with a floating table will help make space look more spacious. Just a cute/unique chair visible on the floor of the space.


More likely than not, you will have plenty of vertical space to maximize your small office home office ideas.

Use that vertical space as much as possible. Make a shelf that rises high and hang items on top as this is very important and helps in a small space. Accessories like hanging file folders, shelves, trunks with hooks, and even dedicated wall systems help you keep your office neatly organized while storing office items in SOHO area.


There is a reason why minimalism is favoured by some of the most successful people in the world. This is because clutter-free spaces equipped with simple furniture and a neutral colour palette have a way of liberating the mind and sparking creativity. Minimalist space is a very practical space for your home office because its space, its design, its layout and its decoration are very limited but attractive and help make you comfortable in carrying out tasks in your SOHO area.

10 Small Office Home Office in Malaysia

10 Small Office Home Office in Malaysia


Even if the office space has limited space, it doesn’t stop you from making the space cosier. Home office space also needs a cosy feel even if only coupled with a warm light with a touch of some living plants. This will help you to be more productive in doing essential tasks even if you work from a small house/space.

Overall, this should be something that will make you happy and help you be productive and stay organized even if your workplace isn’t too big.


Accessories can also be used as decorations for your small office, and you should provide beautiful and useful accessories for your needs in the office. This will not only brighten up a small corner of your office but also be useful in work matters. For example, a stationery container that is provided once with a clock and also space for pictures, not only provides tidiness but also gives your desk more beautiful pictures.

10 Small Office Home Office in Malaysia


Adding a couch or sofa into the interior design of your small office can help give you the option to switch between your desk and a more relaxed area throughout the day. It is important to ensure that the style of furniture that will be placed in your office remains appropriate to the atmosphere throughout your residence.

10 Small Office Home Office in Malaysia

10 Small Office Home Office in Malaysia

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