Find the best recommended interior designer in Malaysia. If you’re looking for a recommended interior designer in Malaysia, this article shares reviews and ratings of the top 5 interior designers in Malaysia. They can help you create your dream home or improve your existing space.



Buildspaces Touch Sdn Bhd or better known as Buildspaces, is among the construction and interior contractors that are not unfamiliar to city residents. With over 12 years of experience, and an emphasis on comprehensiveness: creative concepts, details, materiality, and space quality are an important and inseparable part of the project, Buildspaces hard work certainly produces amazing designs, spaces, and products for their customers. By having the philosophy that space is determined by the dimensions of physical measurements such as height, width, and depth, making a well-designed interior space will be able to liven up a valuable atmosphere, views, and philosophy of life.

The main purpose of Buildspaces is to reflect its value and personality through design. With a certificate registered and recognized by the Malaysian Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) and the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM), security and satisfaction are guaranteed. In fact, Buildspaces consists of professionally registered, trained, and experienced production teams such as architects, engineers, interior designers, carpenters, and builders who are proven to be reliable in handling interior renovation and design projects. Through orderly and professional management, can be seen smooth processes and progress, better communication, fewer unwanted problems, and also great value with cost savings in appointing all professionals in a team that is Buildspaces.



For interior design services, there is no fixed price in a service provided. Not all are calculated using the concept of square feet, some use the concept of round cost or fixed price because it uses quality standards and the concept of layout or generic (standard) that can provide a fixed price.
However, if you plan to get a special design according to your wishes and home conditions, the estimated amount will be based on the condition, characteristics, materials, level of material quality, and amount of carpentry involved.



When choosing quality materials, there are different levels of quality, from standard, premium, high-end to royalty. For example, branded fashion goods, all branded goods available in Malaysia and the world certainly have quality products, but, you cannot compare with each other because each brand is at different levels of quality and price.
Just like building materials. For example, solid wood, solid wood is one of the luxury building materials, but, solid wood has different prices because this solid wood will be categorized depending on the nature, place of origin, and texture of the stone. For example:
– Nyatoh (among the most expensive)
– Chengal (standard and reasonable price)
Therefore, when comparing material prices from different suppliers, it is better to identify the level of quality before making conclusions regarding the best quality and price.
Some suppliers may set XXX prices for low-grade solid wood, while services from Buildspaces may charge higher prices for the same material but offer better quality. Buildspaces will advise and give the best quality within you budget.
Usually, through price, it tells you the level of quality, but you should know the level of quality of what is mentioned.



Every contractor company and professional designer has its price structure and business model, and we need to be smart in reviewing and filtering in all aspects so that there are no significant differences. Buildspaces is the affordable interior design Malaysia. All our design. Packages include work with a professional Interior Designer. Our packages also include one-on-one access to your own Interior Designer meaning you get all the expert help you need. Expert furniture recommendations, the best customer support and discounts on everything you buy.

SILVER PACKAGE. Just right for new or old house. Affordable, good quality and functional. Silver quality can accommodate to your budget but not to give unique and luxury features to you.
The cost will start from RM 29,980.00.

GOLD PACKAGE. Perfect for Condo & High Residence For this quality, you are paying for durability and aesthetic. More customization can be done with room for extra detailing work but nothing too much.
For this Gold Package, the cost will start from RM 49,980.00.

PLATINUM PACKAGE. Complete package for new home. All about the best quality, you can customize and handcraft everything by quality workmanship. Materials used are built to last many years with high end luxury options like solid wood or high-tech features becoming attainable. This quality is for those who are looking for exclusivity.
RM 99,980.00 this big budget almost everything you can get.

But, what if your budget is above RM 100,000.00? What you dreamed of came true!
Our services; Custom Kitchen Cabinet, Custom Wardrobe, Interior Design, Design and Build also Renovation. Contact us today, we will be your best contractor and interior design. Just for you!



With over 10 years of experience, IDW holds the belief that changing space can change lives. IDW is a company registered with the Malaysia Society of Interior Designers (MSID), Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers (MIID) & Board of Architects Malaysia (LAM). IDW is committed to promoting the practice of interior design law and supporting the sustainable transformation of the environment in every project undertaken. IDW also focuses on design excellence through responsible design expansion & technological innovation. The unique skill base enables IDWs to be able to handle projects that require full design consultation from the initial design phase, detailed drawings, submission to authorities, selection of contractors, project monitoring to project completion.



AJM Interiors Sdn Bhd (AJM-i) is a full-service in design firm with more than 20 years of experience with various portfolios covering commercial, residential, retail, and institutional projects based in Kuala Lumpur. AJM Interiors was formed as a support unit for AJM Sdn Bhd, better known as the Akitek Jururancang Malaysia. AJM-i has always operated independently but also collaborated with AJM and has collaborated on many successful projects over the years, paving the way for honing skills as a designer, architect, and engineer. By having a philosophy of “exceeding our customers’ expectations” AJM-I provides innovative, professional, and creative solutions and strives to push design to new and exciting places.



Operating since early 2017, Atap has amassed more than 4200 projects from more than 2000 interior design firms in the process of connecting 6000 property owners to certified firms. Atap is a platform for connecting property owners with trusted interior designers throughout Malaysia. Atap provided platform allows property owners to view the profiles and portfolios of certified interior designer firms, provide educational and inspirational content on interior design and renovation, and connect property owners who want to be renovated to the interior design firm of their choice or some recommended by Atap.



Using a modest budget modification concept, Qanvast provides free platforms and services, including a mobile app in connecting homeowners with hundreds of the most appropriate local firms and interior designers to choose from based on the budget and style the homeowner wants. Qanvast also provides services in guiding through the process of step-by-step renovation to achieve the dream home in the process.


BuildSpaces Touch is fully licensed and insured and provides official estimates with costs, timelines and payment schedules. We are a lead safe certified firm of professional general contractors that plan, design, file permits and licenses, schedule, order materials and keep the workflow moving according to schedule. We offer complete home remodeling services including complete home and apartment renovationskitchens, bathrooms, electrical, plumbing, tiling, flooring, painting and other services. BuildSpaces keeps home owners informed along the way with daily updates on projects.

Contact us for a free estimate on your next Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Putrajaya or Negeri Sembilan home renovation project. We go above and beyond to complete your project on time and within budget with well-designed home renovation solutions that are an expression of your lifestyle.

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