What You Should Know About Nyatoh Kitchen Cabinet

What You Should Know About Nyatoh Kitchen Cabinet

Most homeowners certainly dreaming for a beautiful and perfect kitchen. Undoubtedly, everyone has different dreams and desires in terms of tastes and uses. When we have a dream and perfect kitchen, the cooking mood will also definitely be better and more fun to cook. For example, cook for the family, cook 3 flavours of sea bass (ikan siakap 7kg masak 3 rasa), grouper (ikan kerapu), fried squid, fried shrimp and many more. Did you know at Buildspaces you can get exclusive kitchen cabinets? Yes, you can. Follow this full article to learn more about these exclusive kitchen cabinets.

What is exclusive kitchen cabinets at Buildspaces?

The most exclusive kitchen cabinet here at Buildspaces in Kayu Natoh Solid Wood as for kitchen cabinet.

What You Should Know About Nyatoh Kitchen Cabinet


What is Nyatoh Solid Wood?

Nyatoh wood is one of the native woods found in tropical rainforests in Southeast Asia, especially in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and the Philippines. Nyatoh wood is often used in the manufacture of solid wood cabinets. Nyatoh wood has tight straight details that resemble cherry wood. The surface of Nyatoh wood is dark brown / red.

What You Should Know About Nyatoh Kitchen Cabinet

Why is Nyatoh Solid Wood exclusive?

Exclusive Nyatoh Wood at Buildspaces because you will choose Nyatoh wood grade A or the best to ensure the quality of cabinet boards that will be provided to customers is satisfying. In addition, the processing time of Nyatoh Kitchen Cabinets will take up to 3-4 weeks as we focus on the quality control of our Nyatoh wood cabinet manufacturing.

What is the specialty of Nyatoh Wood Kitchen Cabinet?

Nyatoh Kitchen Cabinets will feature a very luxurious looking kitchen atmosphere that makes it a dream for all homeowners. With fine details and finishes, the kitchen design will look very luxurious and elegant and timeless.

The natural wood pattern makes this wood cabinet something special for your kitchen space.

You also do not have to worry because the strength of Nyatoh wood quality is very strong and anti-termite (with the included finishing to avoid being attacked by termites or other pests.)

Nyatoh solid wood is a very durable material. Compared to other woods that are quickly damaged due to water moisture, the bark is flaky and broken.

These solid wood kitchen cabinets are much easier to repair than installing cabinets made of other materials.

What You Should Know About Nyatoh Kitchen Cabinet

What are the characteristics of quality Nyatoh wood?

Choose patio wood

Buy Nyatoh wood is the same as wood in general, that is, it has patio wood and gubal wood. However, gubal wood is a type of soft wood that is very easily attacked by termites and this part is very easy to crack. Therefore you should choose wood that includes patio wood. Patio wood is the deepest part and is darker in colour. The colour of the patio wood is similar to teak wood only it is younger and tanned.

Wood surfaces

When you want to buy nyatoh wood, try to feel the surface. Good quality wood has a rather smooth surface and also has a straight fibre patch. Do not choose wood that has too many wooden eyes. Because the wood eye will make the wood easily broken or cracked when cut. The texture of the wood is also quite smooth so do not choose wood that has a rough surface or texture.

The weight of the wood

As already mentioned the original nyatoh wood has a heavy weight. Whatever the good shape it is pallets, lumber and other wood will have a heavy weight. Do not choose light nyatoh wood such as Dutch teak because it is a sign that the wood is not very durable.

What You Should Know About Nyatoh (Solid Wood) Kitchen Cabinet
Nyatoh (endgrain)Photo Credit: wood-database.com
What You Should Know About Nyatoh (Solid Wood) Kitchen Cabinet
Photo Credit: wood-database.com

What You Should Know About Nyatoh Kitchen Cabinet

Why choose Buildspaces?

In addition to having a highly qualified and experienced workforce, Builspaces also has its own cabinet manufacturing plant. Here, you can build your Nyatoh Wood kitchen cabinets with sizes, measurements and patterns according to your measurements, ideas and tastes. We will be ready to provide the best and special services from A – Z for you. Your confidence in Buildspaces will be strengthened with the certification and registration under the Malaysian Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) and the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM)

Buildspaces Touch Sdn Bhd or better known as Buildspaces, is among the construction and interior contractors that are not unfamiliar to city residents. With over 12 years of experience, and an emphasis on comprehensiveness: creative concepts, details, materiality, and space quality are an important and inseparable part of the project, Buildspaces hard work certainly produces amazing designs, spaces, and products for their customers. By having the philosophy that space is determined by the dimensions of physical measurements such as height, width, and depth, making a well-designed interior space will be able to liven up a valuable atmosphere, views, and philosophy of life.

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What You Should Know About Nyatoh (Solid Wood) Kitchen Cabinet
What You Should Know About Nyatoh (Solid Wood) Kitchen Cabinet
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What You Should Know About Nyatoh (Solid Wood) Kitchen Cabinet
What You Should Know About Nyatoh (Solid Wood) Kitchen Cabinet
What You Should Know About Nyatoh (Solid Wood) Kitchen Cabinet

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