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Poor air or room quality can cause various symptoms to its occupants. This can be caused by a variety of factors ranging from poor fresh air circulation, high VOC concentrations, air conditioning, air humidifiers, dehydration to poor cleaning, dust, population density and more. In the office environment many studies have been done and poor air quality has been identified as a contributing factor to sick building syndrome. Air conditioning and heating are other factors to consider as they can have a drastic impact on air quality.



It should be avoided to use the carpet in damp or wet areas such as the bathroom as it is a hiding place for dust mites, it is also advised not to place plants on the carpet as water spills can cause mold or avoid the use of open cloth as it is a trap for contamination that can released back into the air.

anti jump sliding door wardrobe


In construction, special attention should be paid to the dangers of asbestos. Inhalation of asbestos fibers is known to cause deadly diseases such as mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis (pneumoconiosis). Although asbestos is banned in most western countries including the UK, it can still be found in many existing dwellings, buildings and constructions and therefore when renovation work is done, it is best to be aware of the risks and safety measures regarding asbestos. Asbestos was a material that became popular in the late 19th century. Its properties to withstand heat, electricity, chemicals, its tensile strength and its sound absorption make it an ideal material for use in the construction and construction industry. It has been mixed with many other materials to form insulation boards, lags, tiles, roof panels and more. While manipulating these materials, asbestos fibers, the invisible eye is likely to expel air and be inhaled. Frequent exposure to these fibers can lead to severe lung disease that is often fatal.


Convenience is one thing that can make it easier for others to deal with or use. If the facility is not designed and made perfectly and well, it will not only not facilitate the affairs of others but will even cause danger, injury and may be fatal.



The house is a place we take refuge from the hot, rain and also the dangers outside, so it is important to make sure the conditions inside the house are always good for its occupants. Don’t even make a dangerous move that will cause injury.


If seen through this picture, the steps to be taken to go to the toilet are too high. Troublesome isn’t it? How can this contractor do this? How do parents want to use it? How do young children want to use it? Missteps can lead to falls, sprains or at worst a broken leg.

ligamas 3


Make sure the high area in your house has a barrier. It’s not scary to go past high places, there are no barriers, if you fall. Danger yes, again for active children who like to run here and there.


If seen in this picture, this stairs location and make your forehead getting flat. Why can they design like this? The stairs behind the door? Very dangerous.

ligamas 3


If there is stumps that are in the wrong area in your house, please break and discard. Danger. Can make people stumble or get stuck in that stump .. AUUCHHH.

222 residence 6


Wiring is very important to be managed well, if there is excess wire there on the wall of your house, make sure you manage it well like placing a device to stop the flow of electricity at the end of the excess wire to avoid being shocked or worst will destroy your house, burn. If you are unsure, call those who are more knowledgeable and experts in wiring management to arrange this.

ligamas 3


It is advisable to provide a fire extinguisher in your residence. However, it is necessary to ensure that the area or place of the fire extinguisher is placed at an easily accessible corner. Do not store in a closet or any other hard-to-reach place again in an emergency.




Place cooking utensils such as scissors in a place that is easily accessible but hidden and not easily reached by children.


A drain is a small drain that most every house has. It is best that you do not cover the entire area of ​​the drain with a permanent cover such as cement. If there is a clogged drain, it is easy to clean. But if cement and drains are clogged how to clean? Able to keep that bad smell? You want to get dengue fever? Or willing to sue by the city council?

222 residence 6


Scale is very important – this is more than just measuring to check if an item fits, it understands how all the furniture and accessories look together, in a residential architecture.

That’s right, it seems size doesn’t matter. A large chair next to a small table, a small frame on a spacious wall, a large bedside table next to a small double bed or a large laundry basket in the corner of a compact bathroom will all throw off the whole interior look.

There are no set rules for determining the scale of the items where you live, just something determined by points. Don’t get me wrong, there are standard heights for furniture like bar stools, kitchen benches and dining chairs, but these are mostly for practicality.

When choosing furniture and finishing touches that look great together, try and avoid extreme things.

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